Full Schedule for PowerShell Saturday Singapore 01

We’ve finalized the full schedule for the first PowerShell Saturday!  The plan for the day is as follows.  If you haven’t yet registered, you can do so at http://powershellsatsg01.eventbrite.com.  We are really pleased with this schedule and think it will be an awesome day.  Hope to see you there!




Level 22 – 22CF12


(Room 1)



Level 21 Auditorium


(Room 2)



Level 22 – 22BR01


Hackathon / Freestyle


Registration (Level 21)


Keynote – Matt Hitchcock and Benjamin Hodge (Level 21 – Auditorium)


Break, Room Changes and Set Up time

Title: Hackathon / Freestyle

Speakers: Milton Goh and Wei Liang

Audience: ALL

Summary:  This is an all-day session you can join and leave as you please.  Use this as an opportunity to work on your own projects, enlisting assistance from other attendees and MVP’s to help you get things done and learn what you need to.  Take part in this session for the opportunity to win some great prizes and to hone your skills with PowerShell.  More details on the day.


Title: Beginning with PowerShell Crash Course, Part 1

Speaker: Matt Hitchcock, IT Pro, Barclays Bank

Audience: Beginner

Summary: Just getting started with PowerShell?  Feeling like you’re late to the game? In this crash course we’ll see what PowerShell is, how it works and how you get started using it. We’ll cover the tools, getting and running commands, understanding the syntax and formatting your output, giving you a primer to take things further.

Go to the Preparation Guide

Title: Scripting and Automation for Microsoft Lync

Speaker: David Lim, MVP Lync

Audience: Intermediate

Summary: In this session, we examine common scripting methods to automate tasks for a Microsoft Lync Server 2013 environment. The discussions include tips and tricks on using Lync Management Shell, Windows PowerShell and other utilities to automate changes, test environmental configurations, or document configurations. The session also covers using common platforms to build user interfaces for scripts and capturing meaningful output in a usable, and actionable format.


Break, Room Changes and Set Up time


Title: Beginning with PowerShell Crash Course, Part 2

Speaker: Matt Hitchcock, IT Pro, Barclays Bank

Audience: Beginner

Summary: Following from Part 1, we’ll further explore PowerShell to see exactly what you can do with it and how, from configuring it in your environment to administrating remote computers and using scripts.  This will set you up to start solving real world problems with PowerShell

Title: Extending PowerShell with Custom Cmdlets

Speaker: Benjamin Hodge, Consultant, KEMP Technologies

Audience: Beginners/Intermediate

Summary: PowerShell has 1000s of built-in Cmdlets to help you monitor and administer your Microsoft environment but what if you need something more? Don’t worry, PowerShell can do so much more! In this session you’ll learn how to leverage PowerShell to build custom Cmdlets and frameworks to build your own tools and diagnostics.


Lunch – Level 21, PantryPizza will be provided but you are welcome to bring your own lunch or go out for lunch and return


Title: Problem Solving with PowerShell

Speaker: Benjamin Hodge, Consultant, KEMP Technologies

Audience: Beginners/Intermediate

Summary: Got a problem with your Intranet site going down? Did your Boss just demand a verification report for 3 years’ of backups by tomorrow? PowerShell can help with these and almost any other problem that you face as an Administrator. In this session you’ll learn how to use PowerShell tools to quickly identify solutions to problems in your Microsoft environment

Title: Using PowerShell to generate Exchange report in PDF format

Speaker: Triston Wan, MVP Exchange

Audience: beginner/Intermediate

Summary: In this session, Triston will briefly touch on various Exchange PS cmdlets that are useful for generating Exchange related reports, demonstrating on how to combine the cmdlet and get the report data out more effectively. Lastly, Triston will show how to convert collected data into PDF file.


Break, Room Changes and Set Up time


Level 21 – Auditorium

Title: Managing Azure with Windows PowerShell

Speaker: Joel Platek, MCM Exchange & Office365, Microsoft Consulting Services

Audience: Beginners/Intermediate

Summary: In this session, Joel will be taking you through the ways in which you can manage Windows Azure with Windows PowerShell.  As the adoption of Azure continues to accelerate, you’ll need to know how to manage this logical extension to your data center.  Even though Azure is a cloud service, it still needs the IT Pro to manage it, best you automate it as much as possible…


Break, Room Changes and Set Up time


Level 21 – Auditorium

Title: What is new in Windows PowerShell 4.0

Speaker: Ravi Chaganti, PowerShell MVP

Audience: Beginner / Intermediate

Abstract: Windows PowerShell 4.0 is the most recent release of Microsoft’s object-based distributed automation engine. This release includes several enhancements to the existing features such as PowerShell Workflows and the language. With this release, Microsoft is introducing Desired State Configuration (DSC) feature to enable configuration management from the command line. This session intends to introduce these new features and demonstrates the new capabilities.


Closing Session – Matt Hitchcock and Benjamin Hodge – Level 21 Auditorium

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