PowerBreakfast #001 Writeup

It’s taken a week but finally I am able to write up on the PowerBreakfast event we held on 3rd May! This is a new event we are running at Singapore PowerShell User Group in addition to our regular PowerShell Saturdays. It’s a monthly Lync meeting that you can join from anywhere and is over by the time you finish your breakfast but still enables you to get involved in the community and learn and share. This was our first meeting and in addition to being joined by a number of attendees from outside Singapore we were very honoured to have Scripting Guy Ed Wilson and Scripting Wife Teresa Wilson as our guests! Ed’s presentation was ‘Best Practices for PowerShell’ which personally I really enjoyed, it was one of those sessions where there was something for everyone, even experienced users. I would encourage you to check out the recording (link below). In addition, Teresa spoke to us about her community contributions and her MVP award. I thought Teresa being awarded was a great thing, because she is not a Technical Speaker but the amount of work she puts into this community is incredible. Teresa being awarded helps to remind us that the MVP Award is something that is accessible to those who are not comfortable enough to be a speaker but who do contribute to the community in other ways. It also helps dispel a myth that MVP’s know everything about everything and it is an award beyond the reach of most due to their technical skills. Don’t get me wrong it is a very prestigious award that is earned through hard work, but it’s passion for the technology and for the community drives MVP’s, not your Elite Technical Excellence. As an MVP myself I still consider myself as someone who is still learning; I re-read books and chapters written by other MVP’s, I follow others blogs, I watch Webcasts, I challenge myself to learn something then I share what I learn through blogs and the user group, I’d never consider myself an expert – particularly with the speed in which PowerShell is evolving at the moment!

Speaking to Ed and Teresa was a great honour for me as a Geek 🙂 I have to admit I got a little nervous particularly as I had never interviewed someone before in front of an audience, my speech impediment started to re-surface but we go through it and I did enjoy it! I think the message was good because afterwards a few people enquired as to how they can contribute and share with the User Group so hopefully we will have some more bloggers and speakers coming through the ranks really soon. That for me is what community is about; each of us sharing what we know, and learning from what others know. It’s how we evolve. Just because you’re not an expert does not mean you don’t have something valuable to share; you have your own perspectives and experiences that may help others to look at a problem or solution in a different way – you can help others without even realising sometimes. You don’t even have to be a great public speaker to do so! As someone who regularly has to battle a speech impediment to present and share I can speak from experience, and I will keep doing it for as long as folks are registering for my sessions! So why not give it a go yourself at one of our Lync meetings?

The recording of meeting can be found at here (thanks to Eric Courville for rescuing us through our technical difficulties and making the recording) and Milton Goh (Singapore PowerShell User Group co-lead) has put together a website for this event series at www.poshbreakfast.com. I would encourage you to check it out and also considering running a PowerBreakfast event in your Country/Region following the same format. We would be happy to list and host on the site and work together to help define this format.

That’s all for now, our next PowerBreakfast will be on 7th June (emails will go out when registration opens, please sign up to our mailing list via the Facebook Page) and I am excited to announce our speaker will be none other than PowerShell MVP Jim Christopher. Jim is an awesome developer, awesome speaker and all round great guy. He’ll be covering Source Control and how you as an IT Pro can get started with Versioning your scripts and code. Find Jim on Twitter as @Beefarino. Thanks to Ed and Teresa for being our Guests and don’t forget that PowerShell Saturday (Singapore) #009 is on 24th May, you can register here.



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