PowerShell Saturday #009 Write Up

I was listening to the PowerScripting Podcast episode last week (specifically the interview with Jim Christopher) and Jonathan Walz made an observation that around half of the PowerShell Saturdays have been run by the group in Singapore! Which is great for the group and I’m really quite proud of us all for doing that. I do wonder if we need to reign it in a little but we’ll review and take it as it comes! In the meantime, PowerShell Saturday #009 was on 24th May 2014, so how did it go?

As usual, we fought with the AV equipment at Microsoft (I couldn’t get the projector to work with any of my 3 devices) and some Lync issues also (apologies to the guys who came to the Lync session and didn’t get anything out of it), so again we started late and disrupted the schedule. It was supposed to be a single track for:

  1. Keynote – Matt Hitchcock
  2. Managing WMI with PowerShell – Sitaram Pamarthi
  3. Managing Windows Azure with PowerShell – Milton Goh
  4. Introduction to PowerShell Workflows – Matt Hitchcock
  5. Lunch (including an overview of the MVP Program with South East Asia MVP Lead Katherine Chen)
  6. Hands on Lab

Content from the day is available here. There are also pictures of the day on Facebook.

The schedule re-jigging meant the keynote session was cut short and my Workflows session was pulled. Despite pulling it, I am planning to record it as a video and upload it within the next 10 days so attendees will not miss out entirely. I will post a link when it is up. Also, the Keynote sections I skipped over were covered as an Ad-Hoc show-and-tell between the Azure presentation and lunch. So nothing was missed. Following the Azure session from Milton Goh (who has his own write up of the day here) we moved into a good discussion about why it is important to begin trialling Azure and learning about Azure even if your organisation is not currently using it. We talked about the reality of the cloud for the IT Pro and the importance of learning PowerShell now more than ever. All of the news we covered about releases such as Windows Management Framework 5.0 (of which I did a demo of OneGet and PowerShellGet) is in the Keynote slide deck (in the Content Share) if you’re interested, but we did have a look at ISE Steroids, JitJea, setting up NuGet Feeds and so forth. Sitaram’s session on WMI gave us a great opportunity to highlight SAPIENs new WMI Explorer and play with that also. I think this is a really great tool and have purchased it myself. Searching through WMI and caching repositories is just fantastic functionality to have. You can find it here.

Sitaram Pamarthi was a first time presenter for us and covered Managing WMI with PowerShell. It was a good session and formed the basis of our Hands On Labs in the afternoon. I am hoping that we can get Sitaram to do some further sessions for us this year, let’s see :). He has his own write up on his blog here.

During the lunch session, Katherine Chen from Microsoft joined us through Lync to give an overview of the MVP Program. I like highlighting the MVP Program in the community for two reasons; firstly it lets people who are passionate about community know that there is a Microsoft program that will recognise their efforts and also, for those already recognised it helps raise the awareness of what they have been recognised for and what they have been doing to earn it. I think as a program it’s really fantastic so it was good of Katherine to join and spend some time explaining to the group. We had some good discussion on what it takes to become an MVP also and that really came down to having a passion for sharing knowledge with the community. Couldn’t agree more.

The hands on lab sessions we ran in the afternoon were based around WMI. We like to do hands on sessions to not only make it a bit more fun but also to give people the opportunity to practice what they learned rather than taking notes away and never really bothering with it again. So we set 2 challenges:

  1. Using WMI, find all Active network adapters with a Dynamic Address and set this address Statically.
  2. Using WMI, display a Notification in the Console window when a USB Disk is plugged in or unplugged. Bonus points for the notification being Spoken by the system.

We had some great participation in the labs and gave away 3 x $10 Starbucks cards, 2 x US$15 Amazon.com vouchers and a copy of Learn PowerShell Toolmaking in a Month of Lunches. Prizes were given based on participation and producing scripts (either working or not). We used the PowerShell Script Analyzer that comes with the Script Browser (v1.2) from the PowerShell team to judge the code! The least practice violations ranked higher and therefore won! If you have not downloaded the Script Browser for PowerShell ISE please do so, it is a great utility to add to your PowerShell Tool belt.

With that, we wrapped up the event. From my perspective I thought it was a really good day, we had a number of new people attend, a new presenter, great participation in the labs and a number of satisfied attendees at the end. Couldn’t ask for more than that. As group leads we were also left with some learning opportunities as well, for future events we will be starting a little later and also we are exploring the use of Google Hangouts rather than Microsoft Lync for the online sessions, so we’ll see how that goes.

Over the next few months our focus is on bringing IT Pro’s closer to Developers and focusing on Desired State Configuration, to help folks in the community to start joining the DevOps movement and become more effective within their organisations, so as a result our next sessions are as follows:

  • PowerBreakfast SG #002 – 7th June 2014 8:30am – Online Meeting – PowerShell MVP Jim Christopher will present on using Git and Mercurial for Source Control of PowerShell Scripts
  • PowerBreakfast SG #003 – 5th July 2014 8:30am – Online Meeting – PowerShell MVP Adam Driscoll will present on Automated Testing of PowerShell code
  • PowerBreakfast SG #004 – 2nd August 2014 8:30am – Online Meeting – PowerShell MVP Steven Murawksi from Stack Exchange will present on Desired State Configuration
  • PowerShell Saturday – TBC Late August – In Person Event – PowerShell DSC-themed day!

We may have enough speakers lined up for the next PowerShell Saturday to run a multi-track event, it’s great the level of momentum the group is building now and really exciting as we look to the future. If you would like to check out the official PowerBreakfast page it is here.

Please register for the next events through our EventBrite page, find and follow us on Facebook, sign up to our Mailing List if you’re not on already and follow us on Twitter. If you’d like to reach us via PowerShell.Org our page is here.

As always, thanks to Kinda Lau at Microsoft Singapore who does so much for us to make these events possible.


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