Changes to Singapore PowerShell User Group Events

Over the last few months we have been discussing the events that we will have this year and how we might change the format of what we are doing, in order to reach more people and help more people adopt PowerShell. This post outlines what those changes will be.

What’s changing?

  • The format of PowerShell Saturday will be changed. For these events the day will be divided into 2 halves. The morning is dedicated to Intermediate and Advanced topics and the afternoon is for Beginners
  • Group Co-Lead Benjamin Hodge has relocated back to Sydney and is starting a Sydney PowerShell User Group that will be twinned with this User Group. We expect to run concurrent events and share presenters where possible
  • PowerShell Saturday in Sydney will dedicate the morning to Beginners and the afternoon to Intermediate and Advanced topics to facilitate conferencing with Singapore
  • PowerShell Saturday is a Full Day event that will continue to run every quarter except this one
  • Will run the Beginners sessions Monthly. These will happen on Saturday mornings unless it is as part of a PowerShell Saturday event in which case they will happen in the afternoon
  • We are introducing a new Meet Up – PowerShell Clinic, this is a monthly meet one evening after work with no agenda. We meet up, have Pizza and talk about anything PowerShell, basically freestyle. We’ll solve script problems, answer questions, dig into the nuts and bolts of what’s causing you issues. We will have a submissions channel for topics also, so if you have a particular issue with a script that you want some help to solve, you can submit it to us and we will solve it as a group on the night
  • PowerBreakfast remains unchanged, this is the monthly Lync meeting that is recorded and shared at and is for Intermediate & Advanced topics
  • We will be transitioning registration to MeetUp.Com for PowerShell for Beginners and PowerShell Clinic. At this time, PoshBreakfast & PowerShell Saturday will remain on EventBrite. Any chargeable events will be registered on EventBrite also (we have an amazing two-day event coming this September!). Through this mailing list you will be directed to the right place to register
  • The MeetUp.Com group that we post our events at is

OK, so summarize those events for me?

  1. PowerShell for Beginners: Happens Monthly. Half Day Event. Details posted at PowerShell for Beginners starts in March.
  2. PowerShell Saturday: For all levels. Happens quarterly (May-Jun, Aug-Sept, Nov-Dec). Full Day Event (half Beginners, Half Intermediate & Advanced). Details posted on EventBrite. No PowerShell Saturday in March.
  3. PowerBreakfast: Happens Monthly. Intermediate & Advanced. Lync & Recording. Details posted on EventBrite. Sessions posted at Next Session is in March.
  4. PowerShell Clinic: Happens Monthly. Starts in March. Details posted at First date TBC.

OK, so that just about covers the plan for regular events. As you can see we will be hosting a lot more regular meet ups, and we want to increase the reach to those just getting started with PowerShell. If you are an intermediate or advanced PowerShell user, then PowerShell Saturday, PowerBreakfast and PowerShell Clinics are for you. If you are a beginner, then you should get something from all of it!

To ensure you don’t miss anything you can join our mailing list, that way you will hear about every event ahead of time. Also, we are always looking for folks to share something at the meets. You don’t have to be an expert, but if you have learned something that you think others can benefit from and would like to speak for anywhere between 10 and 60 minutes, please let us know!

Thanks for your support over the last few years, we look forward to your continued participation and hope to see you at a meet real soon.

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