A Closing Summary of my 2015

As we get into the final hours of 2015 I wanted to write a short summary of 2015. I did intend to blog more in 2015 than the previous year, I did of course fall short of that and I will (of course) be trying harder next year! This year was a busy year (as every year is) and I didn’t blog much of what happened, but I wanted to call out the highlights that I remember from this jam packed 12 months.

In no particular order, the highlights of 2015 for me (professionally) were:

  • Renewing as a PowerShell MVP for the 3rd time
  • Renewing for a second year as a Consultant at Microsoft Singapore
  • Working on my first fully-Azure project with no on-premises components
  • Making the first PowerShell Conference Asia happen with Ben Hodge, Milton Goh, Ravi Chaganti and a host of other support!
  • Attending Don Jones DSC Boot Camp in Las Vegas and getting to meet so many awesome people
  • Running the various PowerShell User Group meetups in Singapore
  • Running some Learn Chef meetups in Singapore
  • Learning a bit about Chef!
  • Starting my postgraduate studies in Information Security
  • Attending the MVP Summit in Redmond
  • Publishing my first posts on “Hey, Scripting Guy!” And PowerShell Magazine
  • Working so extensively with Desired State Configuration
  • Presenting multiple sessions at Azure Bootcamp Singapore
  • Meeting awesome for the first time folks; Ravi Chaganti, Jaap Brasser, June Blender, Adam Bertram, Jason Helmick, Don Jones, Jim Truher, Nana Lakshmanan, Dan Harman, Keith Bankston, Michael Greene, Nigel Cain (now my manager!) plus a ton of the other PowerShell MVP’s (a list too long to complete)
  • Hosting Dan Harman from the PowerShell Team on his visit to Singapore
  • More that I just can’t think of right now … !

All in all, 2015 has been another successful year for me, this is aside from the personal highlights of my year. I don’t tend to make New Years resolutions but I always have goals and this time of year is always very reflective for me. I think the main challenge I have had this year is that I have over-committed too often! This is something I aim to put right next year. It will be a year that I invest heavily in the softer skills, having always focused so much on the technical. Those include speaking, presenting, writing and of course, planning! 

In fact … My 2016 is mostly planned already! Most of my speaking events are lined up and major events. I’m really looking forward to catching up with the friends I have made in the different communities, as well as meeting new people and discussing everything from PowerShell and DevOps, to Identity and Security, to Beer and anything non-technical, all while welcoming some major changes to the home life 🙂

Thanks 2015, see you on the other side. I can hardly wait!!

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