I’m Speaking at the PowerShell Conference Europe 2016


It’s just 94 days until the PowerShell Conference Europe 2016 in Hannover, Germany. As you can see from the slide, the event has an awesome line up of content. Speakers include PowerShell inventor Jeffrey Snover, PowerShell legend Bruce Payette, a ton of MVP’s including Richard Siddaway, Steven Murawski, Jaap Brasser, Jeff Wouters, Ravi Chaganti and so many more. Plus additional speakers … plus ME!

I’ll be speaking on Day 2, covering Just Enough Administration (JEA) for Domain Controllers. This is a topic very close to my heart, having been an AD Admin for a number of years and fighting numerous battles to not give Domain Administrator rights to helpdesk staff (some winning, most losing). I’ll be sharing the background of what JEA is, why it matters to AD/Identity folks and stories from when I wished this technology existed. We’ll look at how you get started with JEA and how you can set up some common roles for Domain Controllers.

This is going to be the most high profile event I have spoken at, based on the presenters listed and the entry fee. I am both excited and a little nervous … but really looking forward to it.

Hope to see you in Germany, check out http://www.psconf.eu for booking details.

Categories: Active Directory, Cloud and Datacenter Management, Event, Powershell

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  1. Nice! is there any major event planned @Singapore this year ?

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