The Race to “Do” DevOps

The purpose of this post is to really share an observation and something that I’ve been thinking about as a consultant. I interact with a lot of customers, folks in the different communities and other consultants both internally at Microsoft and in partner organisations, something I find interesting is seeing how quickly everyone seems to want to claim they “do the DevOps”.

Over the past 2 years I have seen companies restructuring their whole IT Organisation; putting in a DevOps hierarchy, giving folks “DevOps Lead” and “DevOps Engineer” titles overnight, almost in the hope that if we say we are doing it enough, we will be. A “fake it till you make it” approach, or perhaps for some “fake it till you become it” (nod to Amy Cuddy). I’ve seen Consultants promise to implement a new system “using a DevOps approach” by which they actually mean “we will do your Infrastructure as Code” or indeed “Infrastructure as Policy” (nod to Don Jones). I have seen this happening knowing that these folks actually have no firm grasp on what they are now claiming to be able to do, but they are instead seemingly relying on the folks they are talking to to have an equal or lesser understanding so that they do in fact pull it off. Blinding you with the science …

Read the full post on The DevOps Collective here.

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