Presenting my first SQL PASS Session

I’ve been doing a fair amount of work with SQL Server recently, not that I am claiming myself to be an expert by any means but I have certainly learned a lot more about it than I knew before. So, I have decided to present a SQL Server topic at the Singapore SQL PASS User Group on April 28th. The session is as follows:

Deploying SQL Clusters in Azure: Tales from the field
Synopsis: As more workloads move to the cloud, some workloads still have a requirement to run their databases on non-PaaS SQL servers. Cloud does not automatically mean Always On and Highly Available, so the requirement for Clusters is alive and well!

In this Tales from the Field, Matt talks about implementing SQL Clusters in Azure as part of a production project for a high profile customer. We will cover why Clusters were required in the first place, how we approached the planning (networks, backup, VM Sizes, HA, etc.), what implementation steps were involved, where we got help, lessons we learned and most importantly; how we would do it differently if we had to do it today!

This is what we learned along the road of a project that Satya himself has been tracking … Don’t screw up!!

While more infrastructure focused, I’ll be talking about a topic that’s top of mind for a lot of SQL specialists – getting this thing running in Azure. I’ll share a link to register when it is available but I am really looking forward to this, whilst being really quite nervous at the same time!

Categories: Cloud and Datacenter Management, Microsoft Azure

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