PowerShell Conference Asia 2016 – it happened!

This is my first blog post in some time and will be by no means detailed, I just wanted to capture that we have just concluded PowerShell Conference Asia 2016 and I think all agreed it was a resounding success.

I will be posting a more detailed write up this week once the post-conference tasks are all concluded.

The main website can be found at http://psconf.asia. Highlights include:

  • This is the first PowerShell Conference since PowerShell went Open Source and cross-platform, we hosted the event at AWS premises and had representation from Puppet, Chef, AWS and MS Open Source
  • Speakers came from more than 9 countries and were a mix of Microsoft staff, AWS staff, Puppet staff, Chef staff, MVP’s and community leaders
  • We recorded a podcast for Arrested DevOps at the event
  • Topics included Nano Server, Docker Containers, Release Pipelines, AWS, Azure, Chef, Puppet, IoT, SQL Server and more!
  • Sponsors included SAPIEN Technologies, KEMP Technologies, Microsoft, AWS and Chef
  • 4 people from the PowerShell Team were present to give sessions

A full write up will follow over the next week as my blogging resumes.

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  1. It was a pleasure to speak and attend at the conference Matthew, thanks for organizing it this year. Looking forward to the content being released.

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