PowerBreakfast SG #004 Writeup

I feel like every time I start a blog post recently it begins with an apology about how long it has taken me to get to. This one is no different. After a month I am just getting around to posting about PowerBreakfast SG #004 and the awesome session from Steven Murawski that can be found here.

Steven is a PowerShell MVP (who’s profile doesn’t seem to be up to date!) who has been working with PowerShell Desired State Configuration from the very beginning. He has implemented it in Production at Stack Exchange and recently joined Chef. He has written all kinds of content on DSC that is free for you to download, so we were naturally thrilled when he agreed to present for us on PowerBreakfast.

As expected, there was a lot of great information shared in the session and as a result the video is almost 2 hours long. I have this saved on my phone and keep going back to different bits of it every so often, particularly where Steven talks about applying configuration to nodes through hierarchies. I am still trying to get my head around how to do this kind of stuff so it’s been really helpful for me. During the live session it was great to have so many other PowerShell heavyweights, particularly Dave Wyatt and also Jonathan Walz from the PowerScripting Podcast (the PowerShell podcast that literally makes careers!).

Following on from the DSC theme, Milton Goh will be speaking on PowerBreakfast next week and he has a DSC-targeted session, the email will be out very soon. We recently had a DSC session at our Singapore User Group event (PowerShell Saturday) and I am pleased to see that there is more interest in DSC from within our community now. I will post details of PowerShell Saturday in my next post butn after the session, the speaker (Peter Eg from Avanade) had lots of questions and corridor discussion on the topic so hopefully the Singapore IT Community will start working with this even more in the next 6 to 12 months.

Once again, the recording of Steven Murawski’s session can be found here. We look forward to having you at the next PowerBreakfast.



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